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Aventura Forestal is an initiative by Forestal Frao S.A, a Costa Rican company that seeks to promote the sustainable development of the rainforest.  

This work is continuously audited by an NGO, ensuring that strict guidelines are followed to rebuild the forest with native species.This tropical rain forest is the natural habitat of thousands of insects and animals, including the beautiful blue jeans frog (Dendrobates pumilio).Once a rare sight, these creatures can now be seen thriving in the forest.

Since 1984, we have transformed 80% of the original 545 hectares of barren land into a tropical rainforest.  This growing forest is a powerful carbon sink, fixating more than 1000 tons of CO2 a year.



Before Aventura Forestal

Before Aventura Forestal


Abentrua Forestal Today

Aventura Forestal Today

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