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                                        Help protect the earth's rainforest legacy!

Rainforests are among the most important ecosystems on the planet. Be a part of the worldwide movement to save this precious resource. Call Aventura Forestal today for more information or click here to make a difference.

  • Often described as the earth’s lungs, the tropical rainforests take in vast quantities of carbon dioxide, converting it into oxygen through the process of photosynthesis.

  • Tropical rainforests are the single greatest terrestrial source of air that we breathe.

  • Rainforests also act as the world's thermostat by regulating temperatures and weather patterns.

At Aventura Forestal , our endeavour is to help transform hundreds of tons of carbon dioxide into oxygen every year. Join us in this endeavour!

  • While the tropical rainforests cover just 2% of the earth's land surface, they sustain nearly two-thirds of all the living species on the planet.

  • A typical four square mile patch of rainforest contains as many as 1,500 flowering plants, 750 species of trees, 400 species of birds and 150 species of butterflies.

  • There are many more thousands of rainforest plants and animals species still waiting to be discovered.

Aventura Forestal is one such rainforest regenerated through the support of concerned citizens like you, where thousands of insects, plants, trees and animals are living in harmony today. Be a part of this regenerative movement.

  • Rainforests provide many important products for people: timber, coffee, cocoa and many medicinal products, including those used in the treatment of cancer.

  • In fact nearly half the medicinal compounds we use every day come from plants endemic to the tropical rainforest.

  • Scientists believe that if a cure for cancer or AIDS is to be found, it’ll almost certainly come from the tropical rainforests.

As a world community, we must be careful not to destroy the resources that people will need in the future. Join Aventura Forestal in our rainforest conservation efforts.

Your support is needed to continue and expand this endeavour!

Call today to learn more and join us.

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